Here I Go Again

Whitesnake pumps through my head. Rain pounds outside the windows. And somehow, I’ve found the courage to go again on my own.

I think the fabulous Meg Keene did her inspiration number on me yet again. A friend from high school  has sold her line of fabric. I read this book about women going out and harnessing life. Girlfriends are making shit happen.

So I’ve pounded out a new synopsis of Wild Mustard. I’ve scoured the A’s and B’s on QueryTracker. I’m putting my head down and getting back to work on another revision. I am going to make this happen. Or at least fight trying.



What begins as a journey for a memory ends as an odyssey to a sisterhood, one that Olivia Simpson may have to sacrifice everything to obtain.

All Olivia has ever wanted is to recall the moments before her parents’ death. After eight years and a trip to Costa Rica to scatter their ashes, a shard of memory is finally conjured. But it’s only a shard, and leaves Olivia begging for more.

With newfound resolve, Olivia confronts the other person who would remember those fateful moments before the shooting: Donna Henty—the woman who murdered her parents.  But Donna’s parochial memory is a dead end and the only other person who might recall the day—Donna’s daughter, Summer—hasn’t been heard from in almost a decade.

United by their quest to find Summer, Olivia and Donna forge an unlikely friendship. Olivia locates the daughter of her parents’ killer and devises several attempts to “serendipitously” meet Summer, all of which prove fruitless. In order to get close to the foster child, Olivia is willing to feign interest in adopting. But when the two orphans finally meet, Olivia realizes that the girls do, in fact, need each other more than they could have realized.

Summer, the taciturn teen, disagrees. As Olivia’s world crumbles around her, and Donna teeters on the edge of death, it seems that Summer may hold the only Hail Mary able to mend the haunted past of the three women.


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