Kitchen(s) Items

Anne Taintor's Vintage Sass

Perhaps it’s because my last name is (yes, still) Kitchens.

Or because I had my ten-year-old birthday party at Let’s Get Cooking.

Or because I’m always thinking about food.

But I cook a ton. Every Sunday, for hours, in fact. And tonight, while slicing and dicing daikon radish for Yin Yang Salad and pureering Green and Mushroom soup, it occured to me: I have a pretty tricked out kitchen. So I thought I’d share some of my must-haves.

  • A Vitamix blender–This bad boy sounds like a jet, and blends like a dream.
  • I finally got an immersion blender. Tonight, I used all three parts of this one, and it was so easy to clean, I almost wept.
  • A rice cooker. I wish I had one that made me weep. Alas, I am using a dinky one that gets the job done. Rice, quinoa, bulgar, wheat berries–they all go in the rice cooker. It’s easier than a stove top pot because it’s stick-free.
  • I found this same set of vintage pyrex bowls at an antique store when I first moved up here. SO worth the hunt to find the old stuff. Why don’t they make bowls with pouring spouts anymore?
  • Pack my lunch in these every day. I have yet to break one or toss one out because I let the food grow mold babies in the depths of my classroom. What? You don’t do this??
  • Got this beautiful cookbook holder from Mama Kitchens–how have I lived without it?
  • A family heirloom from Denmark: a bottle opener the size of my forearm. Big enough to whack someone over the head with; strong enough to open lifetimes of beer.
  • My mandoline makes quick work of veggies
  • Mine aren’t quite this nice, but I love my teak salad servers
  • This sturdy garlic press is used several times each Sunday
  • Any oil from Drizzle (sigh) Currently in love with this one, but I have a hunch this one might be my long term love
  • GINGER! (I think all my favorite recipes call for it)
  • Caramelized onions

Happy cooking!

One thought on “Kitchen(s) Items

  1. I really want a rice cooker. My husband is Korean, so I’m not sure why we don’t but our kitchen is so small. Also, the vintage pyrex bowls? Genius. I have one nice mixing bowl and the others are seriously dodgy. Now at least I know what I should be looking for. Thanks for the tip!

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