A Girl and Her Horse

Sometimes I have to decide whether to ride Trusty Old or go for a run. One day a few months ago, I decided to kill two cardio workouts with one stone. I laced and haltered up, and led Echo out to the front field where we ran 2.5 miles. I had to keep pulling his head up from the grass. I had to keep my elbow out by his shoulder. I had to run my ass off to keep up with him. Both of us licked and chewed at the end. Success.

It’s a thing now, for the boy and I. He’s my speediest and most hungry running buddy. But hey–now I can say I can keep up with a Thoroughbred race horse and mean it! (Even if I do have to elbow him the whole time to keep him out of my space!)

Penny for Your Thoughts!?

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