A Mix of Miracles

I’ve been drumming up a post about pregnancy’s dirty little secrets: the ones no one talks about because the “conditions” have silly names, embarrassing consequences, and devastating repercussions (like making reproduction look unattractive). I promise that post is on its way—I mean, who isn’t interested in hearing about “vagina knives?”

Alas, I have been awash in a mix of miracles, albeit small ones, but ones worthy of recounting and relishing. I feel as though I must get these down on (virtual) paper so when I’m up at 4 a.m. for the fourth time with nipple thrush and a wailing child, I will remember that I do, indeed, have much for which to be thankful.

In no particular order, my mix of miracles:

Without digging any holes, kneeling at all or purchasing new bulbs, 75% of my daffodils, tulips and irises have come back. I know they are supposed to do this, but this is the first year they’ve actually heeded my pleas!

Disregard the weeds--they come back too, those jerks!

Disregard the weeds–they come back too, those jerks!

The students in my small little logging town outdid themselves: they wrote cards and poems, videoed skits and baked brownies, purchased onsies and pacifiers, and came by to say one last goodbye twice. Never in my eleven years of teaching have I felt more adored or honored. I have found a pretty special home.

Last Day

A mole removed turns out benign!

Two dear friends birthed beautiful, healthy babies!

My sister and co. have raised nearly $5,000 for my nephew.


I have the luxury of beginning maternity leave starting today…and lasting all the until school resumes in September!

A tax refund that makes me want to weep with joy. (Have you ever heard those words together? Tax and joy?)

Thus far, an “easy” pregnancy (don’t jinx me in these last 3.5 weeks!) and a doting husband.

Don’t you worry, I’ll be back soon to report on the likes of nipple cheese and profuse body odor. But for now, let’s relish, shall we? Spring and the smell of newborn babies are on the horizon!!


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