How to Have a Summer

Ingredients for a Summer


  1. At 4:30, forget the gym and have a nap in the afternoon sun.
  2. Forget the gym again at 5:30 and pour yourself a glug of wine in a jelly jar.
  3. Harvest whatever you can—however small—from your garden.
  4. Clutch a good novel under your arm.
  5. Don a sweater if the weather refuses to match the calendar.
  6. Walk barefoot across the just-mowed grass.
  7. Convince one neighbor to have freshly cut cedar planks and another to grill over charcoal. Force the wind to waft these scents your way.
  8. Lean heavily into a lawn chair.
  9. Raise your feet onto an elevated platform.
  10. See to it that the jelly jar is still brimming and within arm’s reach.
  11. Sit to read and read and read and read.

One thought on “How to Have a Summer

  1. Hi Linsey. I’ve really become a Hemingway fan since we visited Key West a couple of years ago. I like his short stories better than his novels. The Old and and the Sea is my favorite.
    The Paris Wife is just a fabulous read. Paula McLain was historically correct but more important she literally became Hadley. While reading, I felt that it was Hadley herself telling the story. I could not put it down.
    Hemingway states that his greatest regret in life was breaking up his family with Hadley and Bubby.
    Most of the other bios dealing with the family pale in comparison.

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