I’ll Tell You a Secret

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination  –Voltaire

Let me tell you how to sweep away the stress of moving, collectively, four times in one year. Of living on two temporary jobs. Of living in two states and then two counties. Of buying an old home. Taking twelve units. Working part time. Of organizing a wedding. Of hosting herds of people at your house. Having to start another school year.

Lean in close.

I left the stress that has been the last 365 days on the ferry ride to Orcas Island. And because it was our honeymoon, and because those three days will be forever knitted into the fabric of my baby marriage, I’ll leave you only with a brief log of what you must do when you make your way there. And I know you will. You must. It even takes away the sting of losing the wedding rings two days before the wedding. (And finally conceding that they are lying (together forever, as N so sweetly says) at our local landfill.)

Watch the clouds zebra stripe the sky over lit fields.

Laze a rainy day away while oogling the tree house, gardens, and of course, the pottery at Orcas Island Pottery. Begin the totally worthwhile calorie accumulation of your finest day of eating–ever–at Rose’s Bakery and Cafe. Langor over the cauliflower soup and the rain.  Discover early island life (a man who rowed 10,000 miles in the same row boat! A pre-historic bison!) at the Orcas Island Historical Museum (well worth its $5 entry fee.)

Relish the finest meal of your life from Doe Bay Cafe.

Sticky Date Cake with Cardamom Ice Cream: Auh-maz-ing

And be sure to scour out a camp site so next time you eat there you can roll back to your tent.

While the weather’s just so-so you can hit the trails for minimal exercise.

And discover gems of waterfalls in Moran State Park.

When the weather turns–and it will–grab your favorite beer and head to the beach. Perhaps Obstruction Pass?

And you must whale-watch. I don’t mean to get too picky, but go at sunset. It will look like this:

You’ll be in awe of being so close to this:

A visit to The Lower is a must–they have Ninkasi on tap!

If you feel the need to burn off the calories you’ve been collecting, head to the top of the world–Mount Constitution. Though only 2,400 feet, it has been suggested that the 360 degree maritime view is second only to Rio de Janeiro in the Western Hemisphere. From Baker to Rainer to Vancouver to Bellingham, the view is worth the hike from the bottom (you can also drive if you’re feeling extra lazy.)

Swing by The Kitchen for the potsticker special to eat while waiting in line for the ferry.

On the way home, I’d advise you to stand at the bow of the vessel and watch the world go by. Feel the wind across your cheeks and breathe in the salty air. Hold the hand of a honey and marvel that this great world of ours–nature and all of her bounty–can wash away the wrinkles of a year.

And when you return,  buy a replacement wedding band for your new husband at Sears.

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