It’s Gonna Be a Thing

We’ve had some activity up here in the Pacific Northwest: there’s been a jaunt to a foreign country (though if it’s part of NAFTA, it doesn’t really count. However, it did climax in the first stamp in my virgin passport, so hey, Mexico, I guess you’re good for something). N has acquired a job. The freaking sun is supposed to show her face this weekend and–dare I even say it–hit eighty degrees?

And there’s been the purchase of a house. She’s an oldie but goodie. She’s got a porch.

The first official Porch Beer

So last week after a few chores, N and I sipped our first Porch Beer. I can’t think of anything–let me repeat–anything that would make my summer more complete than sipping multiple Porch Beers while reading a book.

And since I only have NINE days until that blissful time, I’m querying the masses: what beer, what book? You name ’em, I’ll drink ’em and read ’em. I’m going to track the best combo. Because I really wonder, does Emma pair better with an IPA or Amber? I’m sure David Sedaris  requires a hard cider but he might be an evening porter too. One can never be sure until I hang up the hammock (that bastard of a beast I carted around Costa Rica in ’06 and in every domicile since, without space to hang it, mind you) kick my feet out and revel in the glory of what is a century old porch on a quiet, small-town street.

Here are some titles on my list:

Help a Porch Sista out–what am I missing?

3 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be a Thing

  1. The Brother’s Kay by David James Duncan (a Pacific Northwest classic) with a 12-pack of a seasonal summer pale ale – it’s a long book.

  2. Well I was going for Cutting for Stone but I see you are already there. Hmm… How about The Great house by Nicole Krauss. The traveler in you might appreciate the inter connected international theme. As for nice the beer, I am not a beer drinker but a nice Pinot never hurt anyone on a hot day. Asante’. Porch Monkey Activate!

  3. Congratulations on the house! YAY for porch sitting! This is terrible, but I don’t actually have a suggestion for you (hmm…. clearly I need some beer + porch sitting, too). Will think on this… just wanted to say Congrats!

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