Total Eclipse of Laughter

Photo Credit: Bruce Edwards, The Journal

You know when you find yourself laughing–I mean really, like cackle laughing–outloud? And no one else is around but you and what you’re reading is so damn funny that tears form and you spin around, quick-like, to see if this time you are actually laughing your ass off?

In one of the darkest weeks–literally and figuratively–of my year, I stumbled across this site. I am here to report, my ass is half gone.

I dare you to go read it. Better yet, wait till your own dark night is upon you, then head over there and be prepared to buy a skinnier pair of skinny jeans.

Brilliant stuff.

Speaking of long nights, did you know next Tuesday is the Winter Solstice? It happens to coincide with a complete lunar eclipse, a pair of events that hasn’t synced up in 456 years.

3 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of Laughter

  1. Oh my dear former teacher of life and current inspiration:

    I really enjoy Wild Mustard and the various posts in between, but I needed to tell you that the website you linked in this post is exactly how you described. Every time I find myself with a bit of time to kill on the computer, I open up the bookmarked link I have for Hyperbole and a Half just to see if there is a new story. I may have read just about every post on that blog, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, appropriate? Haha, well I was so curious to see where your link was going to lead, but I ended up even more excited when I realized that I knew the very situation you described. I hope your adventures are keeping you occupied and I hope the hygga is nourishing your soul. Take care!

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